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White Papers

Health of Cash Check-Up May 2020

Publication date: July 6, 2020

Cash is the lifeblood of commerce in the United States. It is used by virtually everyone, driving a significant portion of overall in-person spending and serving as the foundation for how many, particularly the underbanked, pay for life’s necessities. While the importance of cash has been easy to see for many years, consistently capturing a significant portion of in-person payments, the COVID-19 health and economic crisis of 2020 has raised new questions about the strength and desirability of all payments.

Cardtronics commissioned Javelin Strategy & Research, an independent research company, to measure consumer sentiment toward cash and payments, including any hesitancy to use various payment instruments due to the health crisis, to inform Cardtronics’ internal business strategy. This industry analysis, completed in April 2020, along with a companion Health of Cash study, completed in late 2019, provides valuable insight into

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