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How ATMs will be the key to blockchain currencies going mainstream Webinar

Publication date: June 23, 2020

Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies continues to see record-breaking growth globally. As a global currency, blockchain currencies delivers a safe, fast and secure transaction processing platform for ATM owners to incorporate into their devices.  What does this mean for the ATM industry? Will ATMs play a key part in the future growth of bitcoin and other blockchain currencies, and be able to capitalize from it? The answer is a profound YES!


  • The landscape of value added services on ATMs as it exists today and what does the future look like as we recover from the pandemic
  • How will the use of blockchain impact owners of ATM devices
  • What is the difference between blockchain and bitcoin
  • How the US Governments "digital dollar" and other platforms come into play
  • QR codes – what does this mean for security?
  • Can companies utilize and profit from both fiat currency and blockchain?


  •  Mike Nelson, Vice President of Payment Alliance International
  • T. Jack Williams, President of B4U Financial LLC

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